5 Reasons To Sell Your Mt Juliet Home NOW

Now Is A Great Time To List

If you’ve been thinking about listing your house in Mt Juliet or other parts of Middle Tennessee, start preparing now! This is a great time for several reasons. Shelter in place is lifting, summertime is here, prices are still very good, interest rates are low, and inventory is still low. All of these add up to good news for sellers right now.

#1Shelter in Place Is Lifting

First of all, the whole nation, including Mt Juliet, has been sheltering in place. I realize that you haven’t been wanting people to go through your house. Even though my digital marketing has included virtual tours for a year or so, the hesitancy is still there for some sellers. I get it! It looks like as summer is getting here, things are about to open up. I believe there are buyers that need to buy in the area and have been waiting for the coast to be clear to look at homes.

You need to be ready for those buyers. Other sellers are getting ready so don’t be left behind. Prepare your house now and list your house in the next week or so.

#2Summer Time & Schools

Secondly, many buyers with children like to move in the summer so there is a clear break for the school systems. We’re going into summer now and schools aren’t meeting now because of the pandemic. The Mount Juliet school system continues to be a great attraction for people wanting to live in a place that offers great schools to their kids. People want to live in this area.

Mt Juliet’s Great Schools Attract More Buyers

#3Home Values Are High/Interest Rates Are Low

Thirdly, homes are still selling at a high market value right now. We don’t know what the economy will look like in a year, but real estate sales are still good right now. It’s another reason that you should sell now if you want to sell. Values could go down in the next year or so.

Interest rates are near all time lows, usually in the 3-4% range. Strike now while the iron is hot. When interest rates go up, that means buyers will be paying more for the interest part of their loan. That translates into less towards the principle. In short, buyers that use loans will not be able to pay as much for your house. That will cause home prices to begin to creep down.

Rates Are LOW!

#4Inventory Is Low

Inventory is still low for the number of buyers that we have in Mt Juliet and Middle Tennessee. This is another factor that drives up home prices. When there are several buyers wanting the same product, that drives up prices. It’s the simple law of supply and demand.

Right now in our area, we still have more buyers than we have homes for them to buy. This is especially true in the under $300,0000 price range. At the time of this writing, there are only 21 homes available to choose from in Mt Juliet that are under $300,000.

The average days on the market for those homes are only 21 days. Only 4 of those homes have been on the market for more than 30 days. Without those 4 homes, the average would be much lower than 21 days. Homes in that price range are going quickly right now.

#5You Want or Need To Move

Perhaps the best reason to list your home right now is obvious. You want or need to move. There is no reason to stay in a home that doesn’t meet your needs when there is an option to get the home that you want. If your needs have changed, let’s get moving to find a home that will fit your needs.

Maybe you’re ready to downsize. Maybe your family has grown in numbers and there just isn’t enough bedrooms for everyone now. Want a bigger yard or want a neighborhood for the kids to play in? Whatever the reason, I’d love to help you find the home that will fit your needs. For most people, selling your present home needs to be a part of this process.

Get The Most Exposure For Your Home

If you want to get the most exposure to the most people quickly, call me. My marketing will drive the most people to your home because I don’t just rely on the MLS to sell your home. I develop a webpage, pay for Facebook/Instagram TARGETING BUYERS, use virtual tours, video, professional pics, and more.

All of this ads up to even more potential buyers for your home. As we mentioned before, more buyers equals higher prices. If you’re interested in a video showing you how I would market your home, let me know. I’ll send it right out to you!

My cell number is 615-973-4663. Email is Eddie@EddiePoole.com

5 Reasons To List Your Mt Juliet Home NOW
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