After the Mt Juliet Tornado…

The Church with a capital “C” has really risen to the challenge after the Mt Juliet Tornado.  Local volunteers have been immobilized by several churches in the area.

Besides the local volunteers, there are also volunteers and organizations around the country pouring into our area to help.  Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham’s organization, is working with The Grace Place and Friendship Community Church.

The congregation that I serve in, Connect Church, is working with “Eight Days of Hope”.  Volunteers from “Eight Days of Hope” have started working out of our building and into the community only a couple of days after the tornado.  Their shirts, which say “Rapid Response” certainly describes their arrival.  This organization alone plans to bring 200 volunteers to the area.

Connect Church is also working with “City Impact”, based in New York.  City Impact has sent 3 semi truck loads of supplies for the volunteers and for those affected by the destruction.

Countless other churches and organizations have been working, as well.  Cross Point Church sent several volunteers to help the community today.  So many volunteers have shown up in the city, in fact, that some were turned away.

The City of Mt Juliet actually shut down their volunteer sign up site due to so many wanting to help.  That’s the Mt Juliet that I grew up in.  People really cared about each other and we’ve been able to maintain that attitude.  I really believe the Church is responsible for alot of that.

It makes me really proud of my community to know that so many are concerned about their neighbors.  A recent Facebook post said, “For those of you that have recently moved to the area, you’re about to find out what the Volunteer State means.”  Truer words were never spoken.  People in Middle Tennessee are good people.  The churches in Middle Tennessee are filled with good people.

Technically speaking, the church is the people.  Technically speaking, there is only one church in Mt Juliet.  No matter the denomination, we may believe a little differently on some points, but as long as we believe Jesus lived, died, and rose again, we have a lot in common.

If you or anyone you know has a need and I can help, give me a call.  My cell number is 615-973-4663.  If you prefer email, you can reach me at

If you wish to give to this relief effort, you can access the Connect Church on-line giving portal at or text an amount and “HELP” to (615) 913 – 4321.  That’s one of many organizations that are funneling funds to help those affected.

After the Tornado
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