Chad’s Winter Wonderland

If you’re looking for a great place to take your family and friends during the Christmas season, I recommend Chad’s Winter Wonderland!  It’s a wonderful display of Christmas lights.

Chad’s is located at 791 Old Laguardo Dr. East in Lebanon.  It’s actually on the west side of Lebanon and right next to Mt Juliet.  If you are coming from I-40 on Highway 109, cross over Lebanon Road and begin looking to your right.  You’ll see the glow of the thousands of lights in the distance.  Simply follow the glow to Chad’s Winter Wonderland!

Chad’s is a drive through experience, so you’ll stay in your car.  Make sure you cut off your lights as you enter so you can get the “full effect” of the lights.

The cost of the experience is only $20 a car load, so grab the largest car or van you have and fill it with friends!

This is the 38th year for Chad’s Winter Wonderland but there’s more that you haven’t seen.  Chad has added four acres to this year’s display.  It’s bigger and better than ever before!

As you cruise through Chad’s Winter Wonderland, you’ll see a few live animals, such as a horse and ducks in the pond.  You’ll love how the lights dance off of the pond.

There are also a few live characters that you’ve become accustomed to seeing at the Christmas season.  Frosty the snowman dances and waves at you as you drive by.

The drive through experience isn’t complete for me until I see my friend, Mr Grinch.  The display is very colorful and Mr Grinch is his lovable, grumpy self!

Since I got to walk while I did my video, I was able to take a pic with Mr Grinch.

Another highlight is driving through Santa Claus’ workshop.  You’ll see elves hard at work on the left.  On the right side, sitting in his rocking chair, is the big guy, Santa Claus!  He’ll give you a wave and maybe a “Ho Ho Ho” as you drive by.

Chad’s Winter Wonderland is a great place to visit from anywhere in Middle Tennessee, but we’re blessed to have it right here in Wilson County!  Make sure you make plans to visit

Chad’s is open through New Year’s Day.  Hours are Monday through Thursday, 6:00-10:00.  Weekend hours are 5:00-10:00.

If you have any questions about Chad’s Winter Wonderland, Wilson County, or Real Estate, give me a call.  I would love to help!  My cell number is 615-973=4663.

Chad's Winter Wonderland
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