Charlie Daniels, Jr. Interview

Charlie Daniels, Jr. Interview
Video Transcription

Eddie Poole: Hey everybody, I’m Eddie Poole. I’m standing here with my friend, Charlie Daniels, Jr. Charlie, man, this was an awesome event.

Charlie Daniels…: It was. Just almost no words to describe it. Just seeing so many people come out to honor Dad and everything, just great music, and a lot of fun, great people and stuff, so it’s been fantastic.

Eddie Poole: Yeah. Charlie, of course, we played high school football together back a long time ago.

Charlie Daniels…: Long time ago.

Eddie Poole: Back in those days… Of course, people know me as a pastor or a realtor… I was a rock and roller then. I don’t know if you… But no, me and some of our common friends had a band, and it was called Midnight Wind after your Dad’s album-

Charlie Daniels…: Oh, wow, I don’t think I knew this.

Eddie Poole: You didn’t remember that?

Charlie Daniels…: No, I didn’t remember that.

Eddie Poole: Yeah. So, your dad’s had a big… Me and me and Toby [Steel 00:00:49] and-

Charlie Daniels…: Oh, yeah.

Eddie Poole: [Craig White 00:00:51] and Martin [Huffstetler 00:00:50] and… Yeah, we named it Midnight Wind. And so, I grew up with your dad in that aspect. But as I got older, I started learning a little bit more about what your dad really stood for, his faith. He was really outspoken with his faith. So, I really appreciated that. And he was outspoken with the support of our military.

Charlie Daniels…: Absolutely.

Eddie Poole: So, it drew me to him more than ever even in my teenage years.

Charlie Daniels…: Yeah.

Eddie Poole: So, what are some of the lessons maybe that stick out to you?

Charlie Daniels…: Just to definitely respect our military, respect our flag, to respect our law enforcement. Those were all very important things to him. Veterans, especially, which is why he started The Journey Home Project to be able to help veterans adjust to civilian life. And there’s a lot of need. And he also used to tweet out every day that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. So, that was a big thing for him also to try to make that zero.

Eddie Poole: Yeah.

Charlie Daniels…: So…

Eddie Poole: Yeah, I appreciate all of his work with Journey Home. And he used to go overseas and play for veterans a lot.

Charlie Daniels…: Absolutely. He played for our troops over there many times.

Eddie Poole: Yep.

Charlie Daniels…: He was a hard guy to keep in one place. So, I used to always say I hope I have half his energy when I’m his age.

Eddie Poole: Absolutely.

Charlie Daniels…: Because at 83 years old he really showed no signs of slowing down until he changed addresses.

Eddie Poole: Absolutely. Absolutely. I want to be like that when I grow up.

Charlie Daniels…: Yes. Absolutely.

Eddie Poole: The event today, what do you think your dad would have thought about the event today?

Charlie Daniels…: Oh, he would have loved it. He would have been honored beyond belief. He was a very humble man. And he would have been very, very in awe that… Like I said, he was so humble that I think sometimes he didn’t expect the kind of reception and stuff and how many people loved him and stuff.

Eddie Poole: Right.

Charlie Daniels…: But he would’ve loved it.

Eddie Poole: Yeah.

Charlie Daniels…: For sure.

Eddie Poole: Yeah. Well, and he loved Mount Juliet.

Charlie Daniels…: Absolutely. Like I said, we grew up here. He said he was from Mount Juliet, Tennessee even though technically we live in [inaudible 00:03:13] now, but he was still… Every night it was, “Ladies and gentlemen, from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, The Charlie Daniel’s Band.”

Eddie Poole: But Charlie, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and-

Charlie Daniels…: Absolutely.

Eddie Poole: It’s always good to catch up with you, and, man, we really appreciate all that your dad had the impact on. I appreciate all the impact he had on me and the impact he had on our country.

Charlie Daniels…: Well, I appreciate it, and thank you very much.

Eddie Poole: I’m Eddie Poole. This is Charlie Daniels, Jr. We appreciate you watching. If you like the video, appreciate you give it a share. Thanks for watching.

Charlie Daniels…: Thank you.

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