Christmas Place Coming to Mt Juliet

Soon it will be Christmas year round in Mt Juliet, as Christmas Place coming to Mt Juliet was announced!

The Christmas Place is a popular destination in Pigeon Forge.  A million people a year visit the Pigeon Forge location and the Mt Juliet location is expected to bring in locals, as well as tourists visiting the Nashville area.

Coming in 2020

The location in Mt Juliet is expected to be completed in 2020.  Drawings of the building have been provided by local architect, Sam Anderson, and they look awesome.  The location is expected to have 78 parking spaces, including 3 spaces for buses.  It will be located across the street from Seller’s Funeral Home on Mt Juliet Road.  In fact, the Sellers family have a big hand in bringing the business to Mt Juliet. 

Besides being across the street from Seller’s funeral home, the Christmas Place is also beside the train station in Mt Juliet.  That location gives a great option for Nashville’s downtown tourists to ride the train to the Christmas Place.  That would be a fun adventure for a visiting family.  Kids will love taking the train to Christmas Place!

The store will feature Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, and just about anything to do with Christmas will be on site.  If you haven’t tasted their fudge, it’s really good!  (Not that I’ve tried it or anything.) I have had it, actually, and I recommend you try it.

The Pigeon Forge location also has a Christmas Inn connected to their store.  There have been hints of a future Christmas Inn behind the Christmas Place, but nothing is in concrete as of yet for that to happen.

Over 200 people showed up for the announcement of the Christmas Place.  There is clearly alot of local excitement about the new store coming to Mt Juliet.  Mt Juliet’s mayor, Wilson County’s mayor, and other local politicians were on-hand for the announcement.  Governor Lee’s office even sent a representative to the event.

Mt Juliet is Growing

Mount Juliet is growing and there’s no way to stop the growth.  As long as growth is coming to my hometown, Mt Juliet, I’m excited that quality businesses like Christmas Place are part of that growth.  The Sellers family, Mayor Hagerty, Mark Hinesley, and many others that spoke, talked about Christ and honoring Him through this coming business.  I really appreciated the tone and attitude of everyone that was involved and I look forward to how the Christmas Place will impact Mt Juliet.

If you have questions about Mt Juliet, the town I grew up in, or about real estate, I’d love to help.  Give me call at 615-973-4663!  I LOVE to lead people home!


Christmas Place Coming To Mt Juliet
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