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Sell Your Mount Juliet Home

If you’re looking to sell your Mount Juliet home, I do everything most good realtors do.  The main difference between me and other very good agents is this:  I design a digital marketing strategy for your home.  I do “Un-Impeachable Marketing!”

Some agents will post on Facebook and others will even “Boost” that post.  That’s not going to get you the most exposure for your home.  Of course, the more people that see your home, the higher the price you will get and the sooner your Mount Juliet home will sell.

Digital Training

I’ve invested alot of money into learning about how to best market my client’s homes.  I network and learn from some of the best agents in the country in the area of digital marketing.  It’s important to have an agent that understands how to market your home digitally in a correct way.

It’s what happens in the back end of the social media platform that makes the difference.  I don’t just slap posts up on Facebook and call it a day.  I actually target buyers so that your Mount Juliet home gets seen by the most people possible.

Some of my videos have been seen by thousands of people.  Imagine how many open houses you would have to endure to get that many people through your home.  Imagine how long it would take to have even a thousand people tour your home.  Imagine the pain of having to be out of your house for that long so that the Open House can move forward.

That’s one thing that makes my digital marketing strategy so attractive.

Besides Facebook marketing, I also have a presence on Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn.  Each of my listings also get their own dedicated webpage.

Professional photography and drone footage also adds to the quality of your listing when you list your Mount Juliet home with me.

Like all GOOD realtors, I’m also available to you to answer questions as they arise.  I say GOOD realtors because I’ve also worked with Realtors and Loan “professionals” that don’t answer their phone or return calls promptly.  I know that’s important to buyers and sellers.

If you’re interested in a FREE Home Valuation, just reach out to me at 615-973-4663.  I’ll be glad to hand deliver it to you and also explain a bit more about how I would market your Mount Juliet home.  You can also send me and email at or text me.

Of course, I’m also on Facebook messenger!

Un-Impeachable Marketing
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