First Time Home Buyer’s Course

Welcome to my “First Time Home Buyer’s Course.” In this course, you will learn steps to take and what to expect in the home buying process. We’ll go step by step from Pre-Approval and Educating Yourself on the Market to Closing and Moving Day.

The course includes 9 videos that are usually between 3-6 minutes, so you could potentially complete all of the videos in an hour or so. After you complete watching the videos, I welcome you to reach out to me to ask any questions that you may have. Even though I tried to anticipate your questions and be as through as possible, you may still have questions. It’s important to me that you understand the process so feel free to ask whatever you like!

Here are the links for the videos:

Part 1: First Things First –

Part 2: Pre-Approval and Loans-

Part 3: Educating Yourself on The Market –

Part 4: Looking For A House and Making An Offer –

Part 5: Contingencies and Contingency Periods –

Part 6: Home Inspections –

Part 7: Loans (After You’re Under Contract) –

Part 8: Moving Preparation –

Part 9: Closing Day and Moving –

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions

Email: Eddie@Eddie Phone or Text: 615-973-4663

Also, if you don’t have an agent helping you find your home, I would be honored to help you!

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