Gladeville Middle School Mount Juliet

Gladeville Middle School, Mt Juliet

The new Gladeville Middle School Mount Juliet opened in the school year, 2019-2020.  It’s a state of the art school with all of the modern features to help kids learn.

The first thing that you notice about the Gladeville Middle School in Mount Juliet is that it is in a rural setting.  Gladeville, or “The Glade” as it has been know for years, is a small rural community on the edge of Mount Juliet.

The area has some real charm.  The school is nestled across from a field, complete with cows.  The rural setting doesn’t look to be a place that would have a state of the art Middle School but Mount Juliet is changing fast.  I’m sure the Gladeville area will also be changing quickly as more and more people find out how awesome a place Mount Juliet is to live.

The Wilson County School board has taken every precaution to help our students stay safe.  Once all students get to class, all of the doors remain locked until the next bell rings.  The safety director at the school system can also monitor the students and activities at the school through the cameras and security system.

One distinctive that is new to me is each student is issued a Chromebook at the beginning of the day.  They turn them in at the end of the day.

The Chromebooks cut down on the number of text books that are required, as much of the reading is now completed online.  Of course, buying less text books means a monetary savings for the school system.  Another advantage is when information is updated, old text books don’t have to be replaced.  It’s a lot cheaper to simply update a webpage.

The school has a first class science department.  The dreaded dissections in biology class is different now too.  Instead of breathing the formaldehyde that come with dead frogs and cats waiting to be dissected, students now can do dissections virtually. They learn their biology lessons and frogs and cats survive another day!

Journalism classes are also taught at Gladeville Middle School.  The school teaches video reporting and supplies blue screens for the student’s projects.  Green screens are usually used in business, like the one I used to make the video above.  The school chose blue screens because the colors of the school include green.  (If green is worn on the video with a green screen, background videos would show on the green school logo.)

The school’s mascot is the Wildcats.  Gladeville Middle School is also equipped with a very nice gymnasium and a football field, located right behind the school.

If you have any interest in relocating your family to the Gladeville area so that your child can attend Gladeville Middle School, I would be glad to help you!  You can call or text me at 615-973-4663.

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