Hwy 109 Wilson County Update

As growth in Mount Juliet continues, the outskirts of Mount Juliet will also be growing.  That’s the case with hwy 109 Wilson County so I wanted to give you a hwy 109 update.

Concerning the stretch of highway 109 between Lebanon Road and Highway 840, here’s some highlights:

  • 109 Church of Christ will be building a 500 seat worship auditorium not far from Lebanon Road on the right.
  • The old Cracker Barrel site has a nice new building on it but there has been a work stoppage from the county.  Not sure when/if things will be resolved.
  • Wilson Farms, just past I-40, has almost 400 apartments completed.  Further plans have slowed for the original plans of hotels, retail space, and there are now no plans for single family homes at the site.
  • Journey’s has a shoe distribution site located on the left side of hwy 109.  Name brand shoes are sent all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico from this site.
  • Woodbridge Glen, located just past Journeys on the right, will feature 600 homes built by DR Horton.  They will range in price from low 200’s to 300’s.
  • The Gas station/convenience market at the intersection of Hwy 109 and 840 is progressing and should be open in a few months.

If you would like more detail on any of these new developments in the hwy 109 area, between Mount Juliet and Lebanon, watch the video above.

Besides all of the above mentioned, Connect Church has also recently moved from Wilson Central Elementary School to their own building.  The new Connect Church building is located about a half mile down Stewart’s Ferry from hwy 109.

Connect Church is already in two worship services each Sunday.  Grand opening for Connect Church will be Sunday, March 15.  The church is using the weeks leading up to their grand opening to work out any challenges and adjustments needed for their new building.

If you have any questions about the hwy 109 area, Mount Juliet, Lebanon, or real estate in general, I encourage you to give me a call.  If I don’t know the answer, I will certainly do all that I can to help you find an answer.

Mount Juliet has grown tremendously and will continue doing so.  Highway 840, the connection from I-40 to I-24 and also the connection from Wilson County to Rutherford County is wide open for growth and will be developing in the years to come.

Real estate would be a great investment anywhere in Wilson County right now as Nashville continues to grow our direction.

My cell number is 615-973-4663 and my email address is Eddie@EddiePoole.com.  I’d love to help you or any of your friends!

Highway 109 Update
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