Meet Mount Juliet Fire Chief

Mount Juliet Fire Chief, Jamie Luffman

Meet Mt Juliet Fire Chief, Jamie Luffman! 

Jamie has been with the Mt Juliet Fire Department for 27 years.  His background was with the Dupont Company with their Industrial Fire Department before serving at Mt Juliet.  He gained valuable experience at Dupont.  Jamie has also served as a nurse tech for 17 years at Summit Hospital.

One thing that Jamie says he has never done in his career is deliver a baby.  He hopes that he escapes his career without having to say he has done that one.

One thing I admire about Jamie is that he is always learning.  Doing the best job that he can possibly do includes keeping updated on the latest fire fighting techniques.  That’s important to Jamie.  His desire is to keep Mount Juliet safe and also keeping his firemen as safe as possible at the same time.

Jamie has been instrumental in leading the department and city in establishing a new station to better protect the North side of Mount Juliet.

The Mt Juliet Fire Department currently has 21 full time firemen and also has a volunteer force.  Plans are being made to begin hiring more firemen, as the new station will need to be staffed when it is completed.

Jame really cares about the city of Mt Juliet, his hometown.  He is active in the community and is often seen at community events. He’s also active in the Mt Juliet Chamber of Commerce.

Besides serving Mt Juliet as the Fire Chief, Jamie is a member of the Board of Directors at the Mt Juliet Help Center.  He also is an active member of West Hills Baptist Church in Lebanon.  He and his wife, Jill, have one son.

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