MidTown Mount Juliet Changes

Lot’s of changes have been happening over the past 15 years or so to the Mount Juliet Community.  Now, more MidTown Mount Juliet changes are coming.

The Music City Star, the commuter train that carries people into downtown Nashville, has been in operation for a few years now.  Development around the Mount Juliet station for the Music City Star will include 192 apartments and 28 condos, all oriented around the Music City Star.  The development has been billed as a “Transit Oriented Development”, meaning the developer will try to attract tenants and condo owners that desire to use the Music City Star as their mode for travel to work downtown.

Station North, as it is called, will be a great alternative to those who work downtown, love condo or apartment living, yet don’t want to live downtown.  I’m sure the costs will be significantly less than the units in the downtown areas, as well.

Besides the condo and apartment spaces, there are also plans to have some commercial space on the first floor.  This space will most likely be occupied by business offices.

There are also plans to add about 124 parking spaces to the present parking lot.  The present lot is almost full on a daily basis by commuters and there isn’t much room to grow in that area.  As more people begin utilizing the Music City Star, these spaces will come in handy.

The much talked about clock tower will also begin being constructed in the next couple of months.  This project has a cost of about $250,000.  The funding for the project has been donated by a citizen so there is no impact on the city of Mt Juliet’s budget for the tower.

Not talked about in the video is the new greenway that is being built, with the starting point also being at the intersection of East Division and N. Mt Juliet Road.  The greenway will go from Station North, through Eagle Park, and run all the way to South Greenhill Road.  That’s a distance of 2 miles.  If you want to ride your bike, walk, or jog the entire distance and back, you can log 4 miles on the greenway.

It’s also possible for the people who live in the neighborhoods along the way, such as Willoughby Station or Brookstone, to walk to Station North and catch the train.  That gives another option for keeping more cars off of our crowded streets.

The entire Station North and greenway projects should be completed by 2010.  Lot’s happening as MidTown Mount Juliet changes are taking place!

Station North
Video Transcription

Eddie Poole: Hey everybody! We’ve had a lot of changes in Mount Juliet the past several years. Now we’re going to have some more in the midtown Mount Juliet area. I’m Eddie Poole with Keller Williams Realty.

Now, you probably know that Wilson County is the only county that has a commuter rail going through our county to downtown Nashville, taking commuters. It saves up probably a thousand cars on the interstate every morning.

There’s a developer that’s going to be capitalizing on that with a project called “Station North”. Now, Station North will include about 192 apartments, about 28 condos, and some commercial space there, right beside the pickup area in Mount Juliet.

Now the idea is that this is a “transit oriented development” and it’s the only one in Tennessee so far. It will attract people that are interested in riding into downtown Nashville.

Now, besides all that, they also plan to add a 124 parking spaces to the area and a clock tower. Construction on the clock tower and also Station North will begin probably some time between March and May, and the plan is to be finished by sometime in 2020, so they’re going to rock and roll pretty quickly on this project. If you have any questions about this, or you want a realtor that knows Mount Juliet, I’d love to help you out. I’m Eddie Poole with Keller Williams Realty. I love to lead people home. Call me.

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