MJPD Catching Bad Guys

Mt Juliet Police Guardian Sheild
Mt Juliet Police Department ‘s Guardian Shield

The Mt Juliet Police Department’s Guardian Shield program started with a little controversy because of a misunderstanding, but it has proven to be very effective in catching bad criminals. The MJDP Catching Bad Guys with the program works well!

How Guardian Shield Works

The way the program works is based upon several cameras placed strategically around the Mt Juliet area. Captain Tyler Chandler describes it as a “fence” around Mt Juliet. The cameras take pictures of license plates as cars enter Mount Juliet. The pictures then go through a national data base to determine if the car is registered to anyone that has a warrant or if they car is stolen.

If the license tag comes up as a car of interest, the police department comes up with a plan to safely stop the car and investigate. They make sure they have plenty of officers available to make the stop as safe as possible for the public and the officers involved.


The program has been “live” since April, after several months of testing. Some of the bad guys taken off the streets of Mt Juliet include 26 stolen cars, a missing child, and 6 people wanted for various crimes, including murder. Other crimes that have been flagged by the cameras include 2 stolen trailers and 12 stolen license plates.

The full effect of the program is hard to measure, as there isn’t a way to know how many crimes have been prevented due to Guardian Shield’s presence in Mount Juliet. I think we can all agree that Mount Juliet is certainly safer without the six wanted persons that have been picked up being in our community.

Previous Controversy

The controversy surrounding Mount Juliet’s Guardian Shield program centered around concern that the cameras would be used to infringe upon citizens. The fear was that they would be used for things like writing speeding tickets. Captain Chandler told us from the beginning that writing tickets was not the purpose of the camera program and he said that the usage, now that is in place, is still not for that purpose.

Captain Chandler also mentioned that there are several Home Owners Associations in Mount Juliet that have been looking into the possibility of installing cameras in their subdivisions. One issue that we have had over the past few years in our Mt Juliet subdivisions has been car break ins at night. These break ins usually happen when the residents don’t lock their cars. In most cases, the perpetrators have been juveniles.

The local Home Owners Associations see the Guardian Shield program as a deterrent for these kinds of crime. Those doing the break ins would be more easily caught and the cameras would also serve as a deterrent once their presence in the neighborhood is known.

We really do have a great police department and a great community in Mount Juliet. I consider myself blessed to have been raised in Mt Juliet and I’m also blessed to still live here.

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