Mt Juliet Restaurants Open During Covid19

Here’s a list of Mt Juliet Restaurants Open During Covid19.  Lot’s of people are struggling and perhaps no industry is struggling as much as the restaurant industry.  If you are wondering which businesses are open and what services they are offering, here’s a list.  I’m sure the owners would appreciate the business right now.

I didn’t include the fast food options.  Most all of them are open for drive through.  I’m sure I may have left someone off of the list.  I actually drove down Mt Juliet Road and Lebanon Road and made a list.  The services I mention are what I gathered from signs on the doors or outside of the restaurants.  Hope this is helpful!

Mexican Options

  • Moes Southwest Grill, 621 S. Mt Juliet Rd.  Curbside Service
  • El Ray Azteca, 1319 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Curbside Service
  • Salsaritas Mexican Grill, 401 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Take Out & Curb Service
  • El Comal, 11177 Lebanon Rd., Take Out & Curb Service
  • Los Compadres, 12894 Lebanon Rd., Take Out & Curb Service

Pizza Options

  • Marcos Pizza, 2231 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Curbside
  • Calabria, 1209 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Take Out & Curbside
  • Pizza Hut, (N. MJ and Providence), Take Out & Delivery
  • Jet’s Pizza, 2037 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Curbside

BBQ Options

  • Martins BBQ, 200 Crossings Lane, Drive Thru, Take Out, & Delivery
  • Whitts BBQ, 1767 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Drive Thru

Asian Options

  • Panda Express, 300 Pleasant Grove Rd., Drive Thru & Online Order Pickup
  • Yummy Pho Bac, 2037 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Carry Out & Delivery
  • Smiley Thai, Lebanon Rd., Delivery, Curbside, & Carry Out
  • Fulins
  • Morimori, 649 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Carry out & Delivery

Burger Options

  • Burger Republic, 1982 Providence Pkwy, Curbside Service
  • 5 Guys, 300 Pleasant Grove Rd. (Beside Walmart), Carryout & Delivery
  • Red Robin, 401 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Curbside
  • Steak n Shake, 5006 Crossings Circle, Drive Thru, Take Out, & Delivery

Sandwich Shops

  • Firehouse Subs, 650 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Carry Out & Delivery
  • Panera Bread, 401 S. Mt Juliet Rd. (Providence), Curbside
  • Jersey Mikes, 2231 N. Mt Juliet Rd.,  Carry Out & Delivery

Chicken Options

  • Slim Chickens, 4161 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Drive Thru
  • ChickFilA, 401 S. Mt Juliet Rd. (Providence), Drive Thru & Carry Out
  • Zaxbys, 719 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Drive Thru

Other Options

  • Courtneys, 4066 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Take Out
  • Longhorn, 355 Pleasant Grove Rd., Take Out
  • Cheddars, 355 Pleasant Grove Rd, Take Out
  • Kats, 2037 N. Mt Juliet Rd., Take Out
  • The Goat,1127 Westwood Blvd, Carry Out & Delivery
  • IHOP, 520 Pleasant Grove Rd., Carry Out & Delivery
  • Blue Coast Burrito, 640 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Curbside
  • Cracker Barrel, 350 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Curbside
  • Tazikis, 200 Crossings Lane, Take Out, Curbside, & Delivery
  • Olive Garden, 401 S. Mt Juliet Rd. (Providence), Curbside & Delivery
  • O’Charlies, 401 S. Mt Juliet Rd. (Providence), Curbside & Delivery
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Nothing Bunt Cakes, Curbside

Mt Juliet Restaurants Open During Covid19
Video Transcription

Eddie Poole: Hey, everybody, I’m Eddie Poole. I hope this finds you safe and you’re enjoying your time with your family. Hopefully you’re getting some. I wanted to check in with you. Some people are doing okay right now, some people are struggling. One group of people that I know struggling is our restaurant owners here in Mount Juliet and Wilson County and actually pretty much all over.

So I went around yesterday and I checked to see who all is open and who all is serving and what they’re doing. Are they doing curbside? Are they doing drive-thru? Are they doing just take-out? Of course, nobody’s doing eat-in right now. But, anyway, I’ve made a list if you’re interested in knowing who’s open. If you want some Mexican food, if you want barbecue, where do you go right now? So I hope this helps you. I hope this helps the restaurant owners. Just click on the link. It’s going to be down below this video in the comment section, and it’ll take you to a entire list.

I hope it helps, and if I can do anything for you, especially if you need food, anything like that, let me know. We can be discreet about it and I’ll make sure that you get taken care of. Anyway, my name’s Eddie Poole. Let me know what I can do to help you. Thanks.

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