Mt Juliet Update

This Mt Juliet update includes a review of Slim Chickens, where to get your Tennessee “Real ID” before October 1st, and more!

I mentioned that I would provide a list of items to take with you to get the ID with the “Star”. The list is below:

To prove your citizenship or legal presence, you must produce one of the following documents: 

  • birth certificate;
  • an unexpired U.S. passport;
  • a U.S certificate or consular report of birth abroad;
  • a valid and unexpired permanent resident card provided by DHS or INS;
  • an unexpired employment authorization document provided by DHS;
  • an unexpired foreign passport with a valid U.S. visa and approved I-94 form;
  • a certificate of naturalization issued by DHS; or
  • a certificate of citizenship issued by DHS

If you have changed your name, including if you were married or divorced, then you will need to bring a few extra items, such as a marriage certificate, a divorce decree or a court order. 

To prove your Social Security number, you need to bring one of the following documents: 

  • an original Social Security card;
  • a W-2 form issued within the last year;
  • a 1099 issued within the last year; or
  • a payroll check stub.

To prove that you’re a resident of Tennessee, you have to bring TWO of the following: 

  • a home utility bill issued in the last four months; 
  • a current Tennessee vehicle registration or certificate of title;
  • a current Tennessee voter registration card;
  • an IRS tax return, issued within the last year;
  • a bank statement, issued within the last four months;
  • a payroll check stub, issued within the last four months;
  • a current mortgage or rental contract;
  • a current homeowner or renter insurance policy;
  • a current automobile, life or health insurance policy;
  • a receipt for personal property or real estate taxes paid in the last year;
  • installment loans, including for automobiles, student loans or bank loans;
  • current employer verification of residence documents;
  • a current Tennessee driver’s license; or
  • a current Tennessee handgun carry permit. 

An another note, Slim Chickens is now open! I ate it for the first time this week and I loved it. There are 17 choices of sauces. They have a range of sweet to hot, which should fit everyone’s preference.

They are located on the North side of Mt Juliet, so now we have ChickFila on the south side and Slim Chickens on the North side. Great chicken wherever you are in Mt Juliet now is available!

For those that like to eat healthy, they have salads. Their desserts look really good, too.

If you’re into desserts, Haagen Das Ice Cream has also opened in Providence. They are located in the same building as the AT&T store. They use fresh ingredients for the ice cream. It’s really good!

Local Joe’s Cafe is also open in the are of Mt Juliet by the train tracks, called by some as “Midtown.” I’ll have more info on Local Joe’s in a later video.

Finally, the County Clerk’s office in Mt Juliet is moving to the old Green Hills Women’s Building, near the ballpark. This is a great situation, as the baseball parents can park in the County Clerk’s parking lot since games are at night and on weekends.

The funds received from the city for the property will go towards scholarships and to charities, so that’s pretty cool, too.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, I’d love to help! For home sellers, I design a complete digital marketing plan for your home that will get you the most exposure.

If you have any questions about Mt Juliet or Real Estate in general, give me a call at 615-973-4663!

Mt Juliet Update
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