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Mt Juliet Update, July 2020

New Businesses

Mt Juliet continues to grow and new businesses continue to come. Even in the middle of the Corona virus, we have a new business to announce. Cookie Crumbl has opened in the Providence area of Mount Juliet.

Located beside Hagen Daas ice cream, Cookie Crumbl offers the opportunity to get awesome cookies and then walk next door to get some Hagen Daas ice cream to eat with it! Cookie Crumbl does sell ice cream too, but their cookies are what they are known for.

Each cookie is made fresh and onsite. Nothing is frozen, which is why they taste so fresh. Cookie Crumbl has two standard cookies that are always available, the sugar cookie and chocolate cookie.

They rotate other flavors on a weekly basis, four at a time. They never announce which cookies will be offered, so that’s a surprise with each visit.

Make sure you’re visit is Monday through Saturday. Cookie Crumbl is closed on Sundays.

Dollar General is also building a new store on Nonaville Road. All four walls are up and should be completed in the coming months. There is also other retail space available in the building.

Schlotzsky’s Deli also has their drive through now open. The inside isn’t open yet, largely due to not being able to find workers. If you’re looking for a job, you might try applying there.

Changes to Existing Businesses

Taco Bell and KFC have been operating out of the same building on the north side of Mt Juliet for several years. They have now begun construction on a building beside the present building that will be the new home of Taco Bell. KFC will remain in the present building.

Although it has been convenient to get KFC and Taco Bell from the same building, each restaurant can now serve their customers better with more room.

The construction on the Old Friends Dog Sanctuary will continue. The long drive way to the building has been completed. The building is expected to be complete by sometime in the spring.

Logan’s Steak House has closed in the Providence area of Mt Juliet. They were apparently struggling already and when Covid hit, they became a casualty. The building has been sold but the new purpose of the building hasn’t been revealed yet.

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels passed away this past week. Charlie moved to Mt Juliet in the 70’s and quickly became Mt Juliet’s favorite son. He was loved by the people of Mt Juliet and he loved Mt Juliet, too.

Charlie was outspoken in his love for America, support for law enforcement, and his love for God. Charlie leaves behind his wife, Hazel, and his son, Charlie, Jr. He will be missed greatly.

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