Mt Juliet Update End of July 2020

Mt Juliet Update End of July 2020

Mt Juliet Update End of July 2020

Even in the pandemic, Mt Juliet is continuing to attract businesses to come to the area. In this Mt Juliet Update End of July 2020, I’ll talk about some businesses and eating places that are coming to Mt Juliet, as well as letting you know about some that are having to close their doors.

Probably the biggest announcement recently for our city is the approval of Providence Central. Providence Central will be on 250 acres in the “Golden Triangle” area, right off of Adams land and Central Pike. In this area, it is expected to eventually have 8 hotels, 300 apartments, and around 75 small businesses.  It’s also expected that it will have at least one eating establishment along the lines of Bonefish Grill.

Logans Steakhouse has closed but there are plans for the building. ML Rose, a Nashville eatery, will be going into the building. ML Rose is known around the area as having one of the best burgers in Nashville. They also do some fun things with waffle fries, including serving them with cheese and pork. Sounds fun!

In the Logans building, there will also be room for another business with a drive through. The space hasn’t been leased yet, so no word on what that business may be at this time.

In the Krystal building on Lebanon Road, Habachi Jr will be opening soon there. Habachi Jr has had a popular food truck in the Nashville area. The food looks good. If you love Japanese food, I’m sure you’ll be interested in giving it a try.

Chuckie Cheese on Providence Parkway in Mt Juliet has also closed. There’s no word yet as to what will go into that building.

The building of North Star Station beside the railroad tracks is going quickly. The apartment complex will begin leasing in September. You’ve probably heard that the concept is that people will live in North Start Station and commute into Nashville via the train.

The new Amazon building off of East Division will be operational next July.  That’s a huge building and they are now beginning the process of hiring 1000 people. If you’re in need of a job, keep a watch on the Amazon website for application information.

Also coming to Mt Juliet at the Christmas Store site is Jeremiah’s Italian ice.  They have locations in Florida and Arizona, with plans to open another location in Texas, too.  Jeremiah’s looks a lot like Rita’s, but even nicer.  Their mascot is a frog.  You guys knew Jeremiah was a bullfrog, right? (If you’re under 30, that’s from a “3 Dog Night” song in the 70’s. “3 Dog Night” was a band….. Nevermind!). Anyway… the mascot for Jeremiah’s is a bullfrog.

Some have asked about West Wilson Middle School.  You’ve probably heard that it has been condemned.  They haven’t started the demolition yet because they are waiting on insurance to give the go ahead.  It makes me sad to see it go.  I was actually in the first 9th grade class when the school was brand new.

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