Mt Juliet Update February 2021

Mt Juliet Update:  February 2021
Eddie Poole:
Hey, everybody. We’ve got a lot going on as always here in Mount Juliet and Wilson County. I want to tell you about it. I’m Eddie Poole with Keller Williams Realty.

The first thing I want to let you know about is the restaurant, Your Pie, that was over in the Providence area close to the Marriott. It’s closed down. The good news is Oscar’s Taco will be taking its place. Oscar’s is looking to be open in April or May, so that’s good news.

Now, if you’re looking for coffee, we’ve got a new place to have coffee. Just Love Coffee will be opening soon over in Belinda Parkway. That’s in the Providence market area. It’s right across from Jason’s Deli and the Ford dealership. Just Love Coffee, they won’t just serve coffee, they’re going to be serving artisan waffles. I’m not sure what an artisan waffle is, but I guess I’ll go there and find out. Besides waffles, they’ll also have wraps and other things, but they’re planning their big grand opening in March. They’ll probably have a soft opening before that. The grand opening is in March, so make sure you plan to go by there.

Let’s talk a little bit about the Nonaville Road area. If you’re going down in Lebanon Road, don’t know where Nonaville Road is, it’s right next to Rice’s Ham Store. I believe that’s the oldest business here in Mount Juliet. So turn right on Nonaville Road, right by the ham store on the right, right next to the new Dollar General store, Mount Juliet Donuts will be opening up. That’s Nader’s new place. You remember Nader from Gourmet Donuts. Nader is planning on being open sometime in March, so mark your calendars, keep watch, and go check out Nader.

If you go down a little bit farther down Nonaville Road, look on the other side of the road on the left. The Old Friend’s Dog Sanctuary is really taking shape. I’m not sure what time of year they’ll be opening, but to me, it looks like it’ll be summertime. It’s really coming together, really looking good. It’ll be a nice place for an old dog to retire.

If you go down a little bit farther down Nonaville Road, on the right, again on the other side of the road, Windtree Trace Golf Course used to be there on the right. Of course, Windtree Trace is now closed. They’re getting ready to open up a new development of a lot of homes. The plan is to build 373 single family residences and about 50 town homes on that side.

Since I’m a real estate agent, I want to give you a little update on the housing market here in Mount Juliet too, the things that are happening. There’s a lot going on in our county. If you go down Golden Bear Parkway and come to Curd Road, you’ll notice that that little triangle there in the middle has been cleared. They’re looking to build 30 homes there in that area. And from what I understand, all 30 will be rental homes. It’s kind of a new concept here for this area. I know they’ve done it in different places. Building 30 single family residences built for the intention of rentals.

You look across the road, they’re also clearing land for the extension of Stone Hollow neighborhood. There’s a lot going on over there, a lot of new homes coming in. Behind the Jackson Hills area, there’s a new neighborhood coming called Bradford Farms. Bradford Farms is a Goodall neighborhood and Goodall proposes 298 single family houses in that area, and 263 cottages or villas for residents that are 55 and over.

Hey, the housing market is really tight right now. We’re seeing multiple offers on just about every home that’s listed, which is really crazy. So many people wanting to come to our great city and not enough homes for them. Now, if you’re a first time home buyer, that can make it pretty tough competing with some of the rental companies that are going on and other people that are more established trying to get the same home.

If you’re a younger person, it’s your first time home, give me a call. I’ve helped several first time home buyers like Riley and Rebecca recently. Here’s Riley and Rebecca’s new home. I’ve helped several other young couples in their twenties, and individuals in their twenties, find their new home here in Wilson County.

I’ve got a few ideas that are a lot easier than competing with a bunch of people for the same house. So give me a call. I’d love to help you. I’ve also got a first time home buyer course that if you reach out to me, I’ll send it to you. It’ll teach you maybe the answers to questions you don’t even know that you had, and it’s free, so just hit me up.

Remember I told you about the Bubbakoos Burrito Shop? It’s right next to I-40, next to the new Subway. It’ll be opening soon. They’re looking to open up this month, so go by and check them out.

I went by Taco Bell today. Taco Bell and KFC were right there together. As you know, they’re building the restaurant next door. That’s going to be the new Taco Bell. Well, as of today actually, it’s open. Now, you probably won’t be getting this video until tomorrow or the next couple of days, so go by there, it’ll be open. They’re also in the process of transitioning that building that they share together into just being a KFC. So in the words of Kenny Martin, your tacos will no longer tastes like chicken.

Hey, another thing I want to let you know is Publix is going to be building right off of 109 and Hickory Ridge Road. If you live kind of in between Mount Juliet and Lebanon, there’s going to be a grocery that’s quicker for you to go to. You don’t have to go to the Publix in Mount Juliet or the Kroger or the Lebanon stores. You’ll have one right there. I’m not sure when that’s going to be starting, but the sign is already up. Corner of 109 and Hickory Ridge Road.

There’s a lot more going on, but I’m going to stop right there because you probably don’t want to watch my videos all day, but I appreciate you watching this one. Hey, if you liked it, I appreciate you giving me a like. Like my page. Go to my YouTube page, like that, share it. I’d appreciate that. I’m Eddie Poole with Keller Williams Realty and I love to lead people home, so call me.
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