Mt Juliet Update

As always in the past ten years or so, there is always something going on in Mt Juliet.  I hope this Mt Juliet Update helps you know what all the construction and plans are for our city.  Mt Juliet is a great place to live and developments are coming to make it even better.

Station North is well underway.  It is the new development that is being built right beside the train station in Mt Juliet.  The development will include high end apartments and a few condos.  There will also be some commercial space in the building, as well.

The idea for Station North is that the people that live there can work downtown and commute there on the Music City Star commuter train.  They can get up in the morning and simply walk across the parking lot to get to the train.

Across the street from Station North, construction has also began for the Christmas Place.  The Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge is a great destination for many tourists and they are busy all year long.  The Mt Juliet “Christmas Place” will be a smaller version of the one in Pigeon Forge.  Plans show that the store will be about 12,000 square feet.  There will be parking for about 78 cars and also three tour buses.

Again, the idea is that tourist from downtown Nashville can ride the Music City Star to Mt Juliet and visit the Christmas Place.  The Christmas Place in Mt Juliet plans to be open in the fourth quarter of this year, just in time for Christmas!

Also in that area of Mt Juliet, you’ll notice that the much discussed clock tower is under construction.  This has been much debated in Facebook.  I believe the clock tower will ad a nice touch of class to our city.  It will also give an opportunity for any time travelers to return home if they come “Back to the Future.”  (Just Kidding about that part.)

Running beside all of the above will be the new Mt Juliet Greenway.  The new Greenway, which parts are also under construction, will run from Green Hill Road all the way to Clemmons Road.  That’s an almost two miles stretch.  You should be able to get some good exercise running, walking or biking on the greenway.  Besides going past the above development, it will also run past Eagle Park.

Clemmons Road is also full of development that are coming to Mt Juliet.  Near the corner of Division and Clemmons, Elite Gymnastics will begin construction on their new building.  They are waiting on sewer, from what I understand.  Elite Gymnastics has been meeting in the Friendship Church building for a while now.  I’m sure they are excited to be getting their own facility.

Down the road on Clemmons on the right side coming from Division, New Tribe Church has recently purchased 12 acres.  New Tribe has been meeting for 3 years and they are currently in the space beside Planet Fitness.  Congrats to Pastor Jared and the rest of New Tribe!

On the other side of Clemmons, beside Ethan Page Park, a new Senior Center will be built on three acres there.

The new Green Hill High School is also set and on target to open in the fall of 2020.  The school is being built at the corner of Lebanon Rd and North Green Hill Rd.

The alignment and zoning for the schools will change with the addition of the new Green Hill High School.  The current Mt Juliet Middle School will feed into the new school.  West Wilson Middle School will feed into Mt Juliet High School.  Since things are always changing, if the school zoning is important to you, make sure you check with the school board for the most current information on zoning.

Amazon, formerly known as “Project Sam”, has begun construction.  The building will employ 1,000 people and will be a mammoth 3.6 Million square feet.  It will be five stories tall.  The building is expected to be operational in only 18 months, so they are working crazy fast.

There are also changes in Wilson County in the areas surrounding Mt Juliet.  The county jail in Lebanon, for instance, will be adding 400 beds.  Bids are out now and construction is expected to begin in April.  Hopefully, our county won’t need that many beds in the jail but they will be there just in case!

If you’ve traveled down 840, you know that unless you get gas before you leave Mt Juliet, there isn’t any place until you get to Smyrna or Murfreesboro.  Loves is now opening a new gas station at the corner of Hwy 109 and 840.  Now you are in luck if you forget to get gas on 840!

Connect Church will be moving into their building at the end of January.  The building is nestled on 28 acres right off of Central Pike.  It’s about a half mile from 840.  The church has been meeting at Wilson Central High School so the new location is very close to where they have been meeting already.

By the way, if you are looking for a church, I’d love to invite you to Connect Church.  That’s where I go with my family and we love it.

Finally, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Middle Tennessee, I’d love to help!  Give me a call at 615-973-4663!

Mt Juliet Update-January 2020
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