Mt Juliet’s Local Joe’s Cafe

Local Joe's Cafe
Video Transcription

Eddie Poole: If you haven’t tried Local Joe’s, I encourage you to do it. It’s great food. It’s new here in Mt. Juliet, started actually right before COVID, which is terrible timing. I’m Eddie Poole with Keller Williams Realty. I’m standing here with Joe Perricone. Joe, welcome back to Mt. Juliet.

Joseph Perricon…: Thank you. It’s good to be back. It’s like a homecoming.

Eddie Poole: Yeah, Joe used to be here. He used to run a restaurant down the road, and he went to Hendersonville, and now he just came back. We met several years ago on a baseball field, coaching against each other.

Joseph Perricon…: All my boys are grown now so we just kind of go back and we’re not watching game, just for old times sake.

Eddie Poole: So tell me, Joe, I know a lot of people just do a restaurant to make money, of course that’s usually the primary reason we do business, what is it underneath that that drives you?

Joseph Perricon…: Well, we love people. We love food. We love hospitality. All those things kind of fall under our love for God. So this is our way of reaching out to the community, which is a great town, a great community of people, great leaders in this town. Again, it’s been a homecoming coming back, but our love of people, food and hospitality is really what drives us in this particular industry.

Eddie Poole: Well, tell me about your food. If we come into Our Place Cafe, what kind of food will we find?

Joseph Perricon…: Well, we’re a Southern style, meat and three. So you’ll find things like Turkey and dressing, Hawaiian meatloaf, fried catfish, and hush puppies are very popular here. We do tender prime rib on Friday night, some mushroom baked pork chop, many vegetables. And we always have the staples like mashed potatoes and green beans and green bean casserole. And our desserts are probably 15 to 20 different desserts every day.

Eddie Poole: And if you don’t buy dessert, well, I found this while I’m sitting here eating, you people always come around and offer a cookie.

Joseph Perricon…: A fresh baked cookie. I started that about a little over a decade ago and I thought I wanted to do something that no one else does. Where else can you go and deliver a hot fresh baked cookie out of the oven while you’re dining? I can only think of one place.

Eddie Poole: That’s right. That’s right, Local Joe’s.

Joseph Perricon…: Thank you.

Eddie Poole: Hey, I appreciate you talking to us, Joe. Thanks for watching. If you’re looking for a good place to eat, come by Local Joe’s. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, I appreciate you give me a call. I’m Eddie Poole with Keller Williams Realty and I love to lead people home so call me.

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