Mt Juliet Update

South Mt Juliet Update

Today I want to talk a bit about the area at the corner of Stewarts Ferry and S Mt Juliet Road in this South Mt Juliet Update!

If you go past the Providence area of Mt Juliet, it has typically had a bit more of a rural feel.  Things are changing a bit in that area.  Cooks Star Market was the only business in the immediate area for a long time.  Dollar General has been built across the street in recent years.  You”ve also been able to buy some hot chicken in the Dollar General parking lot from “Hurts Hot Chicken.”

About 6 months or so ago, a new convenience center opened called “Kwality Korner”.  This shopping center features a convenience store, vape store, and a donut store.

The convenience store offers the usual conveniences such as gas, but the food is especially good.  I’ve had the waffle like fries, the chicken wings, and also the chicken tenders.  I’ve found them all to be very good.  The fries were crispy and just right, the chicken wings were good, and the tenders were fried, crispy and juicy.

I was thinking that this is a gold mine for the owner.  With so many homes built and being built in the area and traffic so congested in Providence, I can see many in the area coming to this center.

The good news, if you’re a business owner looking for a location, is that there are one or two units still available.  (No, I’m not the listing agent, so I can represent you in the deal!). This location would be great for a hair stylist.  One of the units is already built out with equipment for a salon.  (If you have another use, however, it can be made to suit your needs.)

An insurance agent or something similar would also have a great location in Kwality Korner.

Besides the present center, there are also plans to build another commercial center beside Kwality Korner.

Plans are also in place and construction has begun for a subdivision behind the center.  It will feature 38 or 39 new homes.  I’m not positive, but I expect the home prices to be around $400,000ish.

If you’re looking for a home or even a new business location in Middle Tennessee, I’d love to help.  I’m an experienced real estate agent and I’m also a native of the area.

Give me a call with any questions about real estate, Mount Juliet, or just about anything else!  My cell number is 615-973-4663.

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