New AT&T Store in N Mt Juliet & iPhone 11 Release

There’s a New AT&T Store in N Mt Juliet & iPhone 11 Release, all in the same week!

In the past, if Mt Juliet’s north side residents wanted to go to the local AT&T store, they had to travel to the Providence Shopping Center or even to Hermitage.  Now they don’t have to travel as far.  AT&T opened a new store this week on Lebanon Road, right across from Starbucks.

Also this week, the new Apple iPhone will be released.  The iPhone 11 has a few improvements that are notable.  The battery of the new iPhone is expected to have an additional 5 hours of charged time before it has to be charged again.  That should add a substantial amount of time for the average iPhone user.   The battery also will be wirelessly chargeable.  From what I understand, the wireless charger will be an accessory and not included in the iPhone 11 box when you purchase it.

Besides having a faster processor, the iPhone 11 also has an enhanced camera.  It will have a wide angle lens, which I am excited about.  That will come in handy with real estate pics when I need a quick pic that maybe the professional that I hire forgets to take.  The new camera will also have night vision, which is another new addition to the iPhone.  Some of these upgrades are catching up with a few camera features of the Android phone.

The iPhone 11 will come in 6 colors, including black, white, red, purple, green, and yellow.

The new Apple phone will also feature a new anodized aluminum finish.  Apple says that this new finish will make the new Apple iPhone 11 more durable.  When you pay this much for a phone, any durability upgrades are always a positive.

The iPhone 11 will retail for $699. The iPhone 11 Pro will retail for $999, and the 11 Pro Max will retail for $1,099. If you can trade in your previous iPhone, Apple will give credit to help out with the cost of the phone.  They obviously are aware of the price being high.

Back to the new AT&T store in North Mount Juliet…..   I found the staff at the new store to be friendly and knowledgable.  Austin Dye, in the above video, had actually not gotten word about filming the video.  I was impressed with his knowledge, without knowing he would be on camera.  If you’re looking for a phone upgrade, stop in at the new AT&T store on the north side of Mt Juliet.  It’s across from Starbucks and Krystal.

As always, if you need to know anything about my hometown, Mount Juliet, or about the real estate market, give me a call at 615-973-4663!

New AT&T Store in North Mt Juliet AND iPhone 11 Release!
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