Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

The Old Friends Dog Sanctuary in Mt Juliet does an incredible job.  Their mission includes taking care of older dogs that are without a home and letting them live the most quality life possible in their latter years.  The Old Friends Dog Sanctuary is a great organization in Mt Juliet and we’re proud to have them in our city.

Old Friends gets its dogs from shelters in all of the surrounding counties.  They don’t accept dogs from individuals for legal reasons.  Besides that, they would be overwhelmed with more than they could take care of if they took that route.

Old Friends accepts dogs from surrounding shelters because older dogs, many with health issues, would be the first euthanized if they shelter needed to make room for other dogs.  Some of the dogs have health issues, such as blindness, but they are provided every need and care.

A full time veterinarian is on staff and on-site, giving the dogs any medical attention that they need.

The center also takes great care to separate the dogs into areas that best suit them.  If a pair of dogs have bonded with each other, they also keep those dogs together.  In some cases, they encourage adoption for bonded dogs to stay together.

If a dog is aggressive towards other dogs, they keep them separated but still give them the care they need.

If you want to take a dog home, you have to fill out an application and there is also a home visit required.  One HUGE advantage to getting your family dog from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is you also receive a lifetime of free veterinarian care.

The center calls their adoption process “forever fostering”.  To be eligible for a “forever foster”, the applicant must live within a 100 mile radius of Mt Juliet.  This will help ensure that the dog can receive the needed medical attention from the staff veterinarian.

Old Friends has a very large number of admirers and boasts a Facebook following of over 1.8 Million.  Their Facebook page “likes” come from 49 countries.  They have a very large group of contributors but the average gift is only around $20-$25.

A new facility has just broken ground to house the non-profit organization.  It will have around the same square footage space as their present facility in the old Moss building, located on Lebanon Road in Mount Juliet.  The new space will be better suited for their purposes.

Hopes are that the new facility will be ready to move into in a about a year.  It is located across from Cinco DiMayo on Nonaville Road.  There will be nestled on about 9 acres, which also gives ample room for the dogs to exercise.  The facility will be more than 18,000 square feet.

If you are interested in taking a tour, those are booked through their website. https://ofsds.org.   It’s a great tour and very informative!

As always, if you want to know anything about Mt Juliet or need help buying or selling a house in Mt Juliet or Middle Tennessee, give me a call!

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
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