Sell Your Home During Covid 19

Even during the Covid 19 virus with everyone social distancing and being told to stay home, there are some buyers that still need to buy and some sellers that still need to sell.  Given the existing backdrop, it’s more important than ever to have a Real Estate agent that understands digital marketing and how to do it CORRECTLY.

Targeting Buyers

Having an agent that understands how to use social media correctly can make the difference in 40-50 people seeing your home on social media versus thousands seeing your home on social media.

As you probably know with Facebook, for example, some of your friends may make a post and it just doesn’t come up in your timeline.  That’s because Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which of your FB friend’s posts you see.  You don’t see all of the posts that all of your friends make each day.

Facebook is a business and even though it’s free for users, it costs money to operate.  Just like any business, Facebook has to make money.  One way they make money is through ads.  It’s easy to “boost” one of your posts.  This is usually how an agent that doesn’t understand how Facebook works pays for ads.  The challenge with simply boosting a listing is that it isn’t targeted.  If you understand how to target and re-target people with certain characteristics, you’re on your way to a more effective ad program.

Importance of Digital Marketing

It is possible to target buyers with listings on social media.  I’ve spent thousands on ads and I’ve also spent thousands on coaches that have taught me the “ins and outs” of digital marketing.  I can get your home in front of buyers, giving your home a greater chance of selling faster and for more money.

In the middle of the Corona 19 atmosphere, for example, I listed 316 Blue Ridge Dr.  I put my digital marketing knowledge and experience to work.  As always, we developed a complete webpage, virtual tour, video tour, drone video, and the other elements that are the norm for us.  In a little over a week, even in this environment, the house went under contract with a qualified buyer.

According to Forbes:

  • 90% of buyers say a video helps them make their buying decisions
  • 64% of buyers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy

Imagine the power of having thousands of people watching the videos, virtual tour, and seeing the webpage for your home!  That does make a difference.

Watch time and clicks are an essential part of marketing your home, especially in today’s environment.  Even in a “normal” environment, how long would it take for thousands of people to physically walk through your home?  Virtual tours and video helps cut down the need for a physical tour.

If you’re interested in receiving a video, showing how I would digitally market your home, send me an email at and I will get it out to you.

I’m always here to help, so reach out to me.  I’ll help you walk through your options and give you some honest feedback to help you make the best decision about timing.  Stay safe and if you need me, give me a call.  My cell number is 615-973-4663.

Sell Your Home in  The Covid 19 Environment
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