Seven Cedars Butcher Block

Seven Cedars Butcher Block

The Seven Cedars Butcher Block in Lebanon is located right off of the town square in Lebanon on the southeast side. When you see the green building, you’ll know you’re in the right place!

The meats are better quality than you would normally get in the grocery store. The meat comes from the Seven Cedars Farm in Lebanon and also from other local providers.

I’ve had several people tell me that the steaks from Seven Cedars is the best that they have ever had. The farm to table concept certainly does make a difference. Personally, I’ve had their chicken, sausage, bacon, and ground beef and I can also attest that it is very good meat. If you have a taste for something a little more unusual, they can usually accommodate you, as well. One customer recently asked for goat meat and they were able to get that customer what they wanted, for example.

Seven Cedars Butcher Block was started for the purpose of bringing farm fresh protein to the Wilson County area. Steven, the owner, grew up around a butcher shop and farm and he knows the business well. All of their meats are hormone and antiboitic free meats. They are a much higher quality meat than most of us are used to eating.

Besides meats, the Seven Cedars Butcher Shop also sells local sour dough breads, desserts, spices, and local vegetables.

The twice baked potatoes and chicken salad are also popular with Seven Cedars’ customers. Steven’s mom makes those right inside the store. She also makes the mexican dip, bean salad, and cucumber salad that you’ll find in the store. Besides Steven’s mom, Steven’s dad, Dale, is also a part of Seven Cedars Butcher Block. You’ll find him cutting the meats behind the counter.

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