Shrinking Homes In Middle Tennessee

Are homes in Middle Tennessee really shrinking?  This is a fun look at the issue.

Homes are not really shrinking.  Households are growing in size and also in number of people.  “First Time Homebuyers” turn into second time home buyers as more and more people are added to the household.

My wife and I were married in 1988, right after I graduated from college.  Since then, we’ve had lots of miles and adventures.  Part of those adventures include having our 5 children.  At the time of this video and writing, here are the ages of our kids:

Rebecca-26, Matthew-24, Daniel-19, Rachel-16, and Adam-9.  Yes, Adam is only 9.  Surprises do happen to households and we consider that “surprise” to be a blessing!

The point of all this is that when you own your own home, things change.  When you’re young, you tend to buy a smaller home.  Perhaps an established area, like Shiloh Park in Wilson County would serve as a good area for a “starter”home.  Other first time home buyers like to begin with a condo, like  Cedar Creek Commons, just off of Charlie Daniels Parkway in Mount Juliet.  As kids and income increases, needs and wants change.

In Mount Juliet, Willoughby Station is a great example of a neighborhood that kids will love.  Willoughby has homes ranging from 1800 square feet to over 4000 square feet that can accommodate several family members.  Amenities in Willoughby Station include sidewalks, two swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a very “kid friendly” atmosphere.

Finally, there comes a time when the children are gone and maybe it’s time to downsize.

When it’s time to downsize, most want a home that’s only one level.  One level homes, like a ranch style, makes it easier to get around when age creeps up on you.  Other needs at this stage in life may include features like a walk in shower/tub and not many steps to get into the home.

Some communities, like the Dell Webb Community in Mount Juliet, focus on the 55 and up age group.  They have many amenities like a lake for fishing, tennis courts, and a very large community center that can encourage getting to know others that live in the neighborhood.

Whatever you’re need is, I would love to help.  Through my years in real estate, I have experience in helping first time home buyers, buyers increasing their home size, and also in communities like the Dell Webb community.  Give me a call.  I would love to lead you home too!

Shrinking Homes In Middle Tennessee
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