Wilson County Market Update

There probably isn’t a day that goes by that someone doesn’t ask me, “Hey Eddie, what’s the real estate market doing?”  I thought many of you would have the same questions, so I gathered some information for this Wilson County Market Update for you guys.

This is a quick snapshot of the Wilson County Market on February 14, 2020.  (That’s right!  It was Valentine’s Day.)

People from all over the country are moving into Nashville.  As they begin doing their research and look into what area they want to move into, it’s not long until they find Wilson County and Mt Juliet.  The main draw that I hear is the awesome Wilson County School system.  (I’m actually a product of the system.  I went to Lakeview Elementary,  Mt Juliet Jr High, and Mt Juliet High School.

With 100 people a day moving into Middle Tennessee and the interest rates still below 4%, that means that home prices will continue to rise.

100 People + 4% Interest Rates = Rising Prices

Here are the results of the quick snapshot that I did of the market on February 14, 2020 for a single family, site built home:

  • Only 2 homes are available $250k or under in Mt Juliet
  • 43 homes are available in Lebanon under $250k
  • 5 Homes in Mt Juliet, $251-300k
  • 45 Homes in Lebanon, $251-300k
  • 70 Homes in Mt Juliet are available between $301-400k
  • 109 Homes in Lebanon are available between $301-400k
  • 166 Homes in Mt Juliet are available over $400k
  • 118 Homes in Lebanon are available over $400k

If you’re looking for a home under $300,000, it may be best to look in the Lebanon area.  There is more options available there in that price range.  The median priced home in the Mt Juliet area is $439,900.  (That’s determined by taking all of the available homes in Mt Juliet and picking the one in the middle of the list.)

There have been 101 homes closed in the Mt Juliet area in the first month and a half of 2020.  That number will continue to grow as we head into summer, as the summer months are usually the busiest.

There have been 11 condos that have closed in the first month and a half of the month.  The day of this recording, there were 4 condos available for purchase in Mt Juliet.

It gets hard for a first time buyer to purchase in the Mt Juliet area as prices have risen.  Whatever your price, if you’re looking for a home, I’d love to help you.

If you’re looking to sell, as prices have risen, it’s a good time to sell!  Call me and let my unique digital marketing plan go to work to get you the best price for your house.  My number is 615-973-4663!


Wilson County Market Update
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